Dominic Griffin (born in 1969 in Dublin, Ireland) was a cast member on "The Real World: Los Angeles."

He was 24 years old during his time on the show.


Dominic is a writer who writes television reviews for Variety and several music columns for other magazines even though most of his income comes from bartending.

He first came to the United States from Ireland when he was 17 years old for a vacation, but he liked the weather and people so much, he decided to stay.

Dominic has a younger sister named Barbara and more than one brother, though he has not always been as close to his father as he would have liked.

Dominic is distinguished by his spiked black hair and according to MTV, a good sense of humor. He says he is "severely addicted" to nicotine and his castmates sometimes express the feeling that he drinks too much.

He has a German Shepherd named George and hates cats which provides a potential problem when he moves in with Beth, who has a cat.

In Episode 13, Dominic returns home to visit his mother and ailing father.

Dominic is roommates with Aaron who becomes his best friend despite their differences in politics and lifestyle even though the others feels the two form a clique from they are excluded.

Dominic says that his knowledge comes from experience whereas Aaron's is derived from books.

He says that he feels "very claustrophobic" when it comes to relationships, explaining that he gets bored & restless after being with the same woman after a while, he prefers to move on to explore other women.

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