Glen Naessens (born on April 20, 1970 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) was a cast member on "The Real World: Los Angeles." He was chosen from three candidates to replace David Edwards after he was evicted and kicked out of the show for sexual misbehavior.

He was 22 years old during his time on the show while it was on air.


Glen (whom MTV describes as "intense") is the lead singer of an alternative band named Perch.

Although he and Jon get along well when he first moves in, Glen later laments that he hasn't really bonded with the cast as he has with his friends back home and invites his band out to Los Angeles to spend time at the house.

Glen loves basketball and even though does night gigs with Perch "just for the hell of it," he makes money by working days at a record store and hopes to become a filmmaker some day.

He is Catholic and feels that he is "close to God", who he sees as his best friend, though he respects religious diversity.

Glen says he has trouble any one woman for a prolonged period of time as he tends to tire of them and also says that he is normally shy, but he becomes good friends with Beth A.

Glen develops an intense animosity toward Beth Stolarczyk by episodes 18 and 19, seeing her as selfish and "a mess", leading the two to attempt a dialogue in the latter episode.

After "The Real World: L.A."Edit

Glen is married to a woman named Suzan and they have one child together. As of 2000, he still resides in Philadelphia.