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Jon Brennan (from Owensboro, Kentucky) was a cast member on "The Real World: Los Angeles." He was 18 years old at the time of his appearance on the show and the youngest cast member.


Jon comes from a devout Christian household that does not keep alcohol in the house and feels out of place in cities like Las Vegas or Los Angeles.

Even though he enjoys his time in Los Angeles, he is not willing to undergo the lifestyle change he feels would be necessary to live there.

Jon is an country singer taking a semester off from Belmont University to pursue his music career in Los Angeles. Back home, he is a local celebrity who performs regularly at Goldie's Best Little Opry House in Owensboro, and hopes one day to be a successful recording artist.

Jon did not get very good grades in school and says he can't imagine having a conventional job. He has a sister and a brother named Buck, and though he commands a crowd while performing, offstage he says he never had any "close, close friends."

Though he sings and plays the guitar, Jon has no interest in writing, which puts him with odds with the prevailing career wisdom he encounters in Los Angeles.

He becomes known for drinking copious amounts of Kool-Aid and for his outspoken conservative views as he is a devout, pro-life Christian who has never smoked, consumed alcohol or had sex.

Jon experiences a number of differences with his roommate, David over things ranging from musical tastes, household duties and racial stereotypes and Jon's irritation with what he perceives as David's constant acting out for attention.

Jon becomes closest to Irene, who says that she understands the isolation he feels in Los Angeles and takes offense at the constant jokes with which Aaron degrades Jon, though Dominic says it is merely good-natured ribbing. He calls her "Mom" and she and Tim spend a weekend with Jon in her hometown, whose more modest pace compared to LA reminds Jon of his own home.

Though Jon and Tami's first meeting is marked by conflict over their differences, they eventually become good friends by Episode 18, forming a trio with Beth S.

Beth S. opines that of the entire cast, Jon has changed the most by the end of the season, pointing to his exposure to a different city and different lifestyles, a point echoed by Beth A. and Jon himself.

After "The Real World[]

Jon returned to his hometown where as of 2008, he works as a church youth pastor and performs as a singer/musician.