Julie Thinks Kevin is Psycho! is the 11th episode of "The Real World: New York." It aired on July 30, 1992.


A week and a half before they move out, the cast returns home to a tearful Julie, who says that during a heated argument, Kevin threatened her with a candlestick holder and spit at her before storming out.

Kevin denies this, saying that Julie's use of the phone jeopardized his livelihood and career prospects, but never threatened or spit at her before throwing out.

The absence of the cameras during the incident turn it into a case of he said/she said and Norman and Eric take Julie's side, explaining this in terms of a history of aggressive behavior on Kevin's part, but Kevin objects to what he sees as the knee-jerk nature of this conclusion, in which he feels race is a factor. He recounts the difficulty of being judged for his race by prospective employers in a poetry reading.

Kevin later tries to speak to Julie, and though they continue to argue, they both apologize for the way they conducted themselves and shake hands. Though Julie says she likes Kevin, she says she never wants to be alone with him ever again.

At a party, a woman accuses Heather of assault, for which the police show up.