Julie in a Homeless Shelter? is the 9th episode of "The Real World: New York." It aired on July 16, 1992.


In Central Park, Julie comes across a group homeless people; one of whom, Darlene, she gets to know.

The cast discuss their political leanings, with the 1992 election some attending a Jerry Brown rally at which Brown and Michael Moore speak.

Then, Julie, Andre, Heather, Norman and Norman's partner, Kim travel to the April 5, 1992 pro-choice rally in Washington D.C., where Norman unexpectedly runs into Charles.

Returning home, Julie spends a night with Darlene and the other people in Darlene's community.

As the cast celebrates Norman's birthday, he discusses the gay bashing he suffered in high school and how he defines his current purpose in life.

Julie spends her first ever Easter away from home fulfilling her promise to see Darlene singing in her church choir and is disturbed by Darlene's absence & by Julie's investigation into her whereabouts.