Kevin.... Come Back! is the 6th episode of "The Real World: New York." It aired on June 25, 1992.


Julie & Kevin grow close and discuss the topic of love and sex.

Julie is underwhelmed by her date with a painter.

Kevin spends time with his girlfriend, Kaseemi and talks about his relationship with his parents.

Spurred by Julie's observation that they have not gotten to know one another that well, the cast resolves to spend Sunday dinners together, and prepare for the first one which Kevin will cook for.

But after a previously scheduled poetry reading that Kevin had forgotten about makes him absent, the cast responds with an April Fool's prank on him by switching personas with Julie taking on an overly sexualized identity, Eric pretending to be gay, etc.

When Kevin finally returns home, the prank is so successful in disturbing him that he leaves the loft.