Kevin and Eric Mend Their Relationship is the 5th episode of "The Real World: New York." It aired on June 18, 1992.


Continuing from the previous episode, Eric dismisses Kevin's attribution of their conflict to race and Kevin's more difficult life experiences by saying that he has been around black people his entire life, and by revealing that he is on probation after an arrest for steroid possession.

During the course of their subsequent discussion, Kevin, who mentors a young man to steer clear of bad influences, comes to see that he has common ground with Eric and the two make amends.

Eric's past troubles spur him to apply to work in a volunteer program with children and also affect his anticipation of a visit from Missy, his love since seventh grade.

Eric also invites Kevin to a Knicks game, where the two meet Isiah Thomas, Dennis Rodman and Bill Laimbeer.

Kevin gains insight by watching Eric interact with his dad, an NBA referee whom Eric does not see often.