"'Leather Chaps and Sequins? What is Eric Getting Himself Into?"' is the 3rd episode of "The Real World: New York." It aired on June 4, 1992.


Andre worries his illness will hurt an upcoming basement performance, but its true roadblock is an appearance by the police, who respond to noise complaints.

Julie seeks training at the Broadway Dance Center.

After Eric does a steamy topless photoshoot with a beautiful British model named Taryn whom he is encouraged to kiss and caress, they date, but Eric doesn't share her taste in leather "rocker" clothing.

Becky cooks a dinner party to help the cast bond.

After Norman, Heather and Julie bond at a roller disco, Norman mentions his bisexuality in a way that Julie appreciates and later invites Julie & Becky to an art opening.

Andre dedicates the song "Redspot" to his housemates during a performance on Staten Island that the cast attends.